THIS IS ME 100% (if ur wearing headphones beware)



Old Scooby Doo Frames KILL ME

just woke up from my “”“”nap”“”” ahhah haaha hah ha

7am thoughts: the amount that christoph waltz unsettles me is inversely related to the amount of facial hair he has at the time

Ever since I met you, everything I ever cared about is gone

i love sufjan too much….help……..seven swans more like lies down on the floor for 5 hours….


matching icons 4 and ur friends this halloween

smorescake replied to your post “tonight sucked and I quit my band I feel weird”

wwait you really quit your band?

YEAH UNFORTUNATELY im taking this under a cut because a) i feel like i need to explain why and b) im going to rant because venting makes me feel better

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skullstompin replied to your post “skullstompin replied to your post: tonight sucked and I quit my band I…”

jeeZ BUD THATS ROUGH. I mean after five years of commitment that’s got to feel pretty fucked up but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the wrong thing to do.

It is kind of fucked up i’m pretty upset but like, given the current state of the thing im definitely sure it was the right decision. Either way im graduating in a few months and moving on to god knows what so I probably wouldnt be able to continue with it anyway /shrugs

skullstompin replied to your post: tonight sucked and I quit my band I fe…

oh no what happened?? haven’t you been with them for a while?

like 5 years but it’s kind of taken a downturn over the past several months and i was kinda debating whether to do it or not, and tonight was kind of like the straw that broke the camel’s back so I just did it. my other bandmate felt the same way and also quit but now its really awkward idk augh I FEEL SO WEIRD ABOUT IT

tonight sucked and I quit my band I feel weird