"dont worry, mister romney, were only going to the park to play fetch!" says mitts campaign manager

"oh boy!!" says mitt

mitts jubilation slowly turns to horror as they pull into the veterinarians office


im not feeling good so i finished ths up as fast as i could bc im sick of ths being on my comp

font problems……. i think copperplate looks really good on this project but its copperplate and i do not want to be ridiculed by my peers

julian has always been my unproblematic fave so he should probably stop hanging out with fucking beardo before he rubs off on him



benedict cumberbatch returns home after a long flight

#he looks tired



benedict cumberbatch returns home after a long flight


Finishing multiple art projects in one night like


I saw something moving on my windowsill and when I opened the blinds he launched onto the wall


Menswear Dog Goes Into The Wild

Featured Items:

Buffalo Plaid Jacket: Woolrich

Fisherman’s Sweater: Original Penguin

Chambray Shirt: Land’s End

Hudson Bay Axe: Best Made Company

Brown Button Down & Henley: Club Monaco

just accidentally chalk-dyed a red streak into my hair. this opens up a world of low-budget halloween costume opportunities

Where'd All The Time Go?
Dr. Dog
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Dr. Dog - "Where’d All The Time Go?


Now, I don’t like to talk too much about my personal life….

I rarely draw fanart, which just goes to show how much Cecil has captured my brain. I think it helps that there is no visual component to the show? It prompts me to engage in the story more by creating my own head-pictures.

+ You don’t know how excited I am to have a canon gay pairing in a nerdy horror/surrealist/Monty Python??-esque show.

EDIT: Woah, good job, me. I forgot his fanon!third eye in half the drawings. This is why I shouldn’t be an art director… .

All I Need
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